Hygienic Acoustic Suspended Ceiling Tiles

Hygienic Ceiling Panels

Hygienic acoustic panels made of high density glass wool with suspended ceiling panel, a special glass fiber texture with antibacterial front surface, and a back side with glass fiber. Edge Details is off.

HYGIENE with acoustic suspended ceiling panel with high fire resistance level is resistant to moisture. It can be used to provide acoustic insulation in foodhouses with no danger of human health.

Hygienic ceiling panels are for healthcare areas, clean rooms, laboratories and doctor and dental surgeries. They are manufactured to the highest standards and will withstand regular industrial cleaning. Certain tiles are finished with a Bioguard paint which contains fungicides and biocides; which combats harmfull growths.

Usage areas

Hygienic suspended ceiling panels can be used to hide open installations in ceiling systems. T-24 carrier system with the desired axle spacing can be laid on the type of acoustic panel. The Hygiene suspended ceiling panel is an acoustic panel specially developed for sterile working environments, such as the food, pharmaceutical and electronics industries, that hold dust and require year-round washing. Hygiene is suitable for clean room classification to 209E US Federal standard and M3.5 / 100 class. Hygiene acoustic panel mounted on the visible system easily meets the need to install and remove each plate.


Hygienic suspended ceiling panels are effective products for damping the sound reflected from the ceiling surfaces especially for movie theaters, conference rooms, offices and hospitals.

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