Acoustic Table Separators

Acoustic Desk Dividers

Acoustic Desk Dividers are acoustic panels with acoustic sound-absorbing fabric that is shock resistant on the front and back surface and glass wool inside. The acoustic table separator, which is covered with both surface fabrics, allows the personnel notes to be hung with the fastener. It does not deform and does not show any change in sound absorption.

Usage areas

You can easily use the table seperators, which are indispensable for the call center and offices, by easily assembling the table. It is more preferred in places where the working mass of the human crowd is intense. Thus, the noise of the speech sounds is prevented and acoustic sound insulation is provided.


Application of table separator is done by mounting process. The application is completed by screwing under the table at the part of the table where you want the table. It is necessary to use a drill for this.

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