Acoustic Fabric Panels

acoustic fabric panel

Acoustic Fabric Wall Panel

The panels covered with acoustic sound-absorbing fabric which is resistant to impact on the front surface of the acoustic fabric covered wall panel. We design the panels to match your interior style. Inside of the panel , we have plenty of inner materials that can be used such as: Acoustic foams, Basotect, Fiberglass and Rockwool. The rear surface is covered with glass cloth. Acoustic is used on more walls to ensure sound insulation and decorative, but can also be applied in acoustic panels.

Special production can be done but in general sizes are standard. You can reach the dimensions from below. Thickness has a minor effect in sound absorption, but the thicker ones are always more effective. If you want, you can get different designs with different thicknesses.

Usage Areas

Besides the sound absorber, fabric coated panels can be used on the final layer with a decorative appearance and are easily applicable on concrete or plasterboard surfaces.

Acoustic panels are widely used to prevent such situations, which causes bare walls to rupture in meeting rooms in office areas. However, it is not enough for home cinema, restaurant, cinema room, hospital, cafe - bar, studio room, reji room, radio room, It can also be preferred in areas.


There are 2 methods to make a cloth covered wall panel application. If you are purchasing a self-adhesive fabric panel, you can remove the yellow adhesive paper on the back and then apply it to the ceiling if you like the wall. By applying light pressure you can ensure that the material does not fall.

Another method is to use a solid-based liquid adhesive. We advise you to wear a mask for this procedure so as not to disturb the smell of the adhesive. After you have turned the adhesive into a container, stick it so that it is not too much to the roller brush and then rub it into the area to which the acoustic panel is applied. We suggest you do not go beyond the size of the panel as you can leave traces. You can apply adhesive to the part by reprinting the material afterwards.

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