Acoustic Applications

Cinema acoustic insulation

Cinema Acustic Insulation

We offer the highest quality acoustic wall treatment systems manufactured by our company Akustik Mimarlık, the global leader in manufacturing products for acoustic adjustment of cinema halls.

Theater Hall Sound Insulation

Theater Hall Acoustic

On theater halls the ambient acoustics are very important because of the large and social places. On theater halls when blocking to noise in the same time must to be create wonderful acoustic for every sounds should be hearable even from last chair.

Home Theatre Sound Insulation

Home Theatre Sound Insulation

At home the sound insulation of the movie theater is applied according to the width of the space, the devices used and the structure of the wall.

Studio Sound Insulation

Sound Record Room Sound Insulation

How to Soundproof a Room for Music Recording Room. On this page you can see our tested solitions about the recording room sound insulation and can see which kind of acouistic products you need for that.

Meeting Room acoustic

Conference Room Acoustic

Clarity to speech is a must in any Conference Room setting. What threatens the clarity is blurred sound signals caused by unwelcome echoes that bounce around off the perimeter wall, ceiling and floor surfaces in the room.

Conference Room soundproofing

Auditorium Soundproofing

Auditoriums require premium sound quality for voice and music, delivering crisp tones and clarity to sound to every member of the seated audience. To improve the sound quality inside your Auditorium, the goal is to produce equal premium sound quality for everybody regardless of their seating location.